Pros and cons of Duplex homes

Today, most people prefer convenient housing over traditional homes. Over the years there have been tons of added types like condominiums, penthouses, apartments and now Simplex and Duplex homes. With this many options, you can bet various people are switching from traditional homes to convenient housing. 

Duplex homes are much more spacious and home-like compared to the other convenient homes on the market. These have two floors with 3 to 4 rooms, 2 baths and a spacious living space of 3,120.25 square feet. But like most homes, renting or buying this comes with pros and cons as well. So before getting into Duplex homes, here is a list of pros and cons to consider:

Pro: More privacy

Unlike other forms of convenient housing, one thing you can boast of in Duplex homes is their room for privacy. This gives you your own space to move and live without worrying about other tenets. This will give you a more traditional home-like feel since it’s like your own small home, not just rooms in buildings.

Pro: More space

With Duplex homes, you’ll have more space compared to other forms of convenient housing. This can even hold two families in one structure. This is perfect for semi-big families who like to live near one another. Both families have their own respective spaces but will still feel like they’re under one roof! So if you want to live near your parents, siblings, relatives or friends, Duplex homes are something you can consider.

Pro: Cost-efficient

Because duplex homes fall somewhere between traditional and convenient housing, they are considered to be more cost-effective because you get the feel of a traditional home while paying a convenient housing price. 

Plus you can even get tenants to help out with the bills and other expenses. This will mean you’re not only paying bills on time but also making a profit at the same time.  

Con: Maintenance is your responsibility

One of the best aspects of convenient homes is that the landlord takes care of the maintenance. But for Duplex homes, the owner, which is you, is the one responsible for all maintenance within the home. This means more added costs and responsibility. 

And since Duplex homes are much bigger than other convenient homes, this will mean more things to check on like the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room and so on.

Con: Issue with tenets

If you choose to rent out the other side of your Duplex home, make sure to always maintain a good relationship with them. Because the chances of you having issues with your tenets are likely. Having an improper relationship with people who live next door can cause disputes that may affect your living situation. 

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